Bakery Culture in Sao Paulo Brazil

Brazil has a big bakery culture. A bakery means a hotel, where morning breakfast is taken. Morning sumptuous breakfast is a very popular thing. I was totally amazed by the sheer quantity and the quality of the food. It was for the first time I came across so many varieties of breads, cheese, cakes.  In Brazil I saw the varieties of cheese and they really enjoy them.  There are so many varieties that, I do not remember all the names as well. The toasts , sandwich with  cheese and some green vegetables are very popular among the crowd. They do have green salads during the morning breakfast too. They always have these breakfast with some kind of juice. I always use to enjoy watermelon juice. The fruit plate with various kinds of fruit is also very popular here. I strongly noticed that people enjoy fresh fruits, they have watermelon, orange, kiwi, papaya, plum,  grapes , mango. This kind of breakfast shows the lineal descendant to Europe.

The culture is so popular that some of the bakeries are open 24 hours. But most of them open in the morning around 7 and are serving all these delicacies throughout the day. I saw number of people from all walks of life in the bakeries. The working class, rich, poor, sports enthusiasts, families with number of members enjoy the food.

And yes last but not least the breakfast will not get complete without cup of coffee, the most popular thing of Brazil.

There are two bakeries which I prominently remember, Leticia in Vila Medalena area and Galleria dos Paes on Rua Estados Unidos Jardim area. the second bakery is open 24 hours. Both places you can really enjoy the food and the bakery culture of Brazil. I just loved both the places, the food, the vibrant crowd. One striking thing is the service provided by the staff.

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