India, Beautiful India

This is north of India, on way to Agra, to Taj. Mahal This is Tomb of Mughal emperor. It is typical Mughal architecture made with red stone.Almost all the famous Mughal structures including the famous Red fort of Delhi and the Jama Mosque are made from the red stone.

Tomb of Humayun, The Mughal Emperor

Tomb of Humayun, The Mughal Emperor


8 thoughts on “India, Beautiful India

  1. Walking through these red structures of Delhi as well as Agra had a nostalgic effect on me.
    Its like walking through history carved into those stones. memories that you are not a part of, but have influenced your growing up as part of a country really transports me to a different world.
    It brings lots of memories bk for me.
    Lovely to experience 🙂

  2. It is beautiful but with lot of contradictions, by that I mean you have Mumbai where you will see richest crowd as well as poorest of poor. but still it is beautiful. Thanks a lot for liking the post. i want to put lot about India but I have come to Sao Paulo Brazil and once I go back will put lot of things.

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