The spiritual Himalayas….

Hemkund sahib  Gurudwara is one of the major attractions of Uttrakhand state of India. During my trek to Valley of flowers we visited the shrine. This shrine is one of the main pilgrimage site for Sikh community. It is located in Himalayas at the height of 15200 feet and is accessible from the base camp only by foot, a wonderful picaresque place. The shrine is surrounded by a lake, which was in semi frozen condition when I visited. As you go up you pass through Hemkund glacier and number of waterfalls and this place is also surrounded by number of flowers of lot many varieties. I was really stunned by the beauty around.


27 thoughts on “The spiritual Himalayas….

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation, I am happy that you liked it so much that you reblogged it. And you not missed it, maybe this year you can visit. Thank you very much once again

  1. I love seeing shots of this part of your country that do not come from a tourist magazine. I cannot imagine how many trips I must take to see all that I would like to see of India. What an amazing, magical place.

    1. First of all I am really happy that you liked the photos. And let me tell you that even I will have to make lot many trips to the area to explore the Himalayas. I just visited just one part. I went there when it rainy season one of the most challenging and demanding time. I said challenging and demanding because you have to fight against all odds like nature, the living standards are very poor. But when the whole journey is over and you at those 5 or 6 days they are very satisfying.And as a Westerner you will have other challenges but it is worth it. there is another area called Ladakh another breathtaking area full of Hindu and Buddha culture. And then you have other North eastern areas.And rest of India is always there Rajasthan Taj Agra. India is huge country to explore with lot of challenges
      But I must again thank your for your appreciation.

  2. Hi dear Arjun Gabriel, first of all Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad to meet you and also to meet your amazing blog. You are coming from a wonderful country, the sun of the land… The colours of the land… Always fascinating me. But yes, one of my dreams also Himalayas… You are amazing, once again I fall in love with this amazing mountains… Especially number 11 fascinated me so much, I felt myself as if I am looking from there where you took the photograph… What a great moment… Maybe one day I can make my dream real… Thank you so much, it was so enjoyable to be here. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    1. I am really thrilled to hear that you reblogged my post. My heart felt thanks to you. Himalayas is just beyond my words. This was one of the most hard trip of my life and yet unique. We all got stuck in land slide in the mid of mountain, the rains which we experience I have never seen in my life. Nature totally different from normal life yet amazing and taught me a lot. Whenever you get time just go through some photos of flowers and all the other things. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart once again and I am very sure that you will visit this part of the world very soon.

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