Ray of hope during travel in the Himalayas.

During my trek to valley of flowers and Hemkhund, on our way back from Joshimath to Haridwar, we faced landslide and got stuck on the road for full one day. This included the night as well. I strongly remember this was one of most scary moment of my life. We were on the road; there were huge  number of vehicles behind as well as in front and  to add to that there were huge, big pile of boulders around us.  The driver of our vehicle parked our car in very safe zone, so that we do not get caught in the landslide during the night. The night was the scariest; we all had to adjust to the new territory of Himalayas, you could hear roaring river Alaknanda, on top of that it was raining cats and dogs.  This was totally hostile,demanding situation. We could not get any food to eat throughout the day.

But our ordeal got over  next morning when we got up we saw some sunlight,  our Ray of hope.


8 thoughts on “Ray of hope during travel in the Himalayas.

  1. It happens amidst the lofty himalayas, though, its a sorry state to one who got stranded there. We planned there last year but didn’t go. I wish to go there this august….Its a place one must has to visit in their life.

    1. All the very best for this year. Please do go, It is just mind blowing. Let me share you one thing the nature, the surrounding and the people teaches you as well, you become humble. Please do enjoy.

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