Memorable Faces in Himalayas

The travels brings across  wide variety of people and they make your traveling experience enriching and memorable. During such travel you have to be cautious about people though, as you are going to meet variety of people of various natures. Though I must add over here you should not mingle with them totally as we have wide array of people, and during this process we are going miss out on some good intention crowd  for sure, but we are not  suppose to forget that travel and watching nature is our major, prime objective and these other things are simply supplementary packages.

Even though I am insisting on caution, vigilance, you cannot forget few faces, like we met this Sikh couple who insisted that we should click their photo because they were going on journey to Hemkund Sahib Temple, one of the pious places for the Sikh community and they made sure to be clicked twice as once they are facing the camera and the other one as they are looking at the nature and they said that clicking such photo of couple going on such pious journey is positive omen for all of us. This last part was really funny and interesting.

There was one sadhu who was preparing one drink and suggested that I should have it as it will show me doors of heaven and of course I politely denied his offer. Indians will understand it, I guess it was”Bhanng”, we have it during our Holy festival. The interaction with locals is very interesting.

But my favorites were the two sisters and the Head of Priest with Orange head gear. The innocence we saw in their appearance and the overall posture of Chief priest made them my favorites, memorable ones.


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