Summer at its best 5

In the heat of summer and dryness at its peak sometimes, nature becomes kind to the mother earth and all the creatures suffering from scorching heat. You have midsummer rains, which bring some amazing site.

You start seeing black clouds on horizon and as it is not monsoon rain, you also see the Sun in between and which creates some of  wonderful sites you could ever see. you start feeling good but the relief is just for few hours and again you have the heat. In between the nature presents some amazing pictures and these are some glimpses.


12 thoughts on “Summer at its best 5

    1. Hey Thank you so much. The reflection and ripple photo is one my favorite one as well. I just put all the photos as they are, I never ever like to work on them. And on this background your comment means lot to me, thank you so much.

      1. You’re like me then … don’t really want to play around with my photo – sometimes I do for the fun of it, but normally not. I think that it’s a bit of cheating – even if common practice today. It’s a fantastic photo

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