Mysterious pathway



17 thoughts on “Mysterious pathway

      1. Please do that but unfortunately some repairing work is on but still university is great place to visit. The main building was British Governor’s monsoon residence. And I am sure you enjoy the calm and quiet place.

      1. Thank you 🙂
        We are visiting India and Nepal in October and I am very excited about it! We were inspired to do so by our daughter’s trek up to Everest Base Camp earlier this year so though we won’t be near Poona we will be in your beautiful country. 🙂

      2. Congratulations and you are going to be in Himalayas, the ultimate place on earth. And yes October is right time to visit when the monsoon is over and you have clean and clear weather. Looks like you are in north of India and if the time permits Please do visit Rajasthan and Agra. And a cautionary note Please be very careful of North Indian people. Please do not roam around alone in the night . As A Indian it makes me sad to tell you but this is the reality. I am sure you will have great stay.

      3. Thank you for your concern. We will be careful. It is sad but the same cautions are needed in many places these days.
        We are visiting Agra and lots of other places with beautiful architecture and history. I hope I’ll be able to blog while on our journey.
        Thank you for following my blog. I’m going to enjoy following your thoughts too. 🙂

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