With open arms to the monument of Love.

2011 was really memorable for me, Life really moved forward. As the blog name suggests of  coming together of two cultures, countries.  I got married with Cyntia my Brazilian girlfriend. It became  memorable when we visited two iconic sites in the world.  We had the privilege to visit The Christ in the month of January and  we got the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal, the monument of love in the month of October.

Both were truly memorable experiences, truly magical indeed. I was awestruck by the beauty.   Both places bring calmness and serenity to your mind and are maintained really magnificently, this adds to the atmosphere and to the heavenly experience.


11 thoughts on “With open arms to the monument of Love.

      1. Of course you will … and this with believes – is what we make it too – nobody is right and nobody is wrong – we have to start believing in ourselves and what we have in us and in our lives.

    1. You are spot on and I was very happy and lucky to see them in the same year. Even though I am Hindu by birth both monuments make you calm and humane. And you just put aside all these barriers of caste, religion, nationality and all.

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