“Weekly Photo Challenge: (CREATE)” Indian Cuisine.

One fine day my better half Cyntia who is from Brazil, decided surprise me, She prepared this wonderful Indian Rice and the Daal(lentils). So this was just a pleasant surprise for me. Of course it was served hot and tasted delicious. I know I can not offer you all but this is just the photo. This pure vegetarian dish and for sure it is very healthy.


12 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: (CREATE)” Indian Cuisine.

  1. Omigod, I just recently found out how Indian cuisine can be oh so delectable, mouthwatering delicious when I tried a resto called Himalaya.
    Come to my house, Arjun. Come create your masterpiece for me please, please, please.

    1. Yes Rommel for sure we will catch up with each other but you need to travel to India and I am sure you will get number of delicacies. By the way this is very simple dish little bit spicy yet has lot of nutritional values. But The idea of visiting your country is very interesting one,,,

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