Pandit Kumar Gandharva Raga Bhatiyar

This Indian Classical Music at its best. Those who are not knowing about Indian Classical Music, Please do spend precious 7 minutes of yours  and I am very sure you will feel very divine at the end of it. And if you like it you will listen again and again, Here he is singing Raga Bhatiyar, a morning Raga.


4 thoughts on “Pandit Kumar Gandharva Raga Bhatiyar

  1. Took for word and listened to the music. Though Not a big music buff and I hardly relish bolly,tolly or holly wood music, neither do i have any understanding of indian classical. But I like the soothing effect and calmness that comes after listening to Indian classical music. Same way I do relish Indian folk music a lot (its not sold in the market as no one buys) and not to mention i love sufi, urdu gazals for their words.

    Thanks again for everything. And yes your blog rocks now 🙂

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