Reality of India.

India has been famous for its culture, old revered traditions,yoga and in modern times for its growth, IT industry and so on but this picture  tells us the story about the other India where the girls and boys  have to earn their bread and butter and help their family. This post is bit shocking for the blog but this is also one of the sad reality of India.


12 thoughts on “Reality of India.

    1. I take pride in India and its lot of wonderful things but there few issues which you can not ignore and child labor is one of the important issue for all the major economies.

  1. Such problems exist even in the most developed countries but the scale of the same is mind boggling in developing countries.

    If you tell a homeless person in the US to get a job, he won’t. Same thing goes in India.

    The issue is more complicated than it appears to be.

  2. India is not alone. I think we tend to close our eyes to the folks who have succumbed to our global march toward greed. There’s a guy who shoots pictures of street people in NY City that are truly heartbreaking. Maybe these people are just easier to ignore here, but they exist.

    1. Sure you are so right but this is also one of major problems of India, at this tender age both the girls should go to school and enjoy their life as a kid but a sad reality. I felt bad and I am sure many Indians will not like it that picture. And yes I will go through the blog you have suggested. Thank you so much.

  3. You did well with this image, and your awareness. While it sometimes appears the issues are being ignored, it’s not always the case & the issues are so huge what being done isn’t apparent, and more could be done, but what, how?

    1. You are so right lot of things can be done with lot many issues we are having. India is huge country with lots of wonderful things to showcase to the world and lots of things to improve. This shot was taken near Gateway of India Mumbai one of the biggest city in India and world. But let met ell you lot of Selfless Indian organisations are silently working on things and to add to that at present SATYAMAV JAYTE a program has become popular conducted by famous Bollywood personality.So everybody is trying their little bit. But the country and population is really big so tackle them is also huge task.

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