Thank You Very Much for the Award, Recognition

Thank you so much to  Angeline for recommending my blog for the Sisterhood for world bloggers award.

Her blog is

I have explained the intention of starting this blog in the “ABOUT”. It was for the new entry of our son in our family. As the name tells you it is a Indo – Brazilian joint venture. the journey started in the month of November 2011. And hope it will continue with the same vigor, I am sure. I also want to tell you all my name is Harish and I happen to be ArjunGabriel’s father, I am clarifying this because number of times I am referred as ArjunGabriel, I am telling this with  all due respect to everybody.  I am clarifying this,  in case some body wants to know my identity.  By the way I feel very happy to be referred as ArjunGabriel(heheh).

I take this opportunity and thank EllaDee ( She had recommended me for the versatile blogger Award. But as I was new blogger at that time, forgot to thank her. So thank you very much again for the last time. I know it is bit late.

I love few of the blogs They are as follows.











Thank you so much to all others who supported me all these days and in any case if I  have forgotten some name, I am extremely sorry from bottom of my heart. And I am very sure lot of others will join me in this journey. I am calling this journey because you tend to meet lot of people, you know their  opinions, sides some small things. And this Colors Of Life enriches you and makes you grow as a human being too.


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