Art work from JAIPUR.

This photo has some detailed work of art. You can see some colorful hand drawing, which contents Peacock, the national bird of India, Goddess Sarswati (Goddess of Intelligence).  In Indian culture the Peacock is vehicle of Goddess Sarswati, which is quiet visible. This painting is at entrance of AmarVilas Palace.

I just loved the detailing of the Artwork.


10 thoughts on “Art work from JAIPUR.

    1. I am sure but this just one of the many, you will be astonished to see the rest of them as well. At number of places you are not allowed to click as well. But indeed beautiful as you said.

    1. So kind of you Nia, as always. In-fact the place itself is very beautiful. If you look at the picture I clicked is not so good, I mean the it is not so perfect, proportionate. But it is the place which truly magnificent.

  1. Jaipur monuments,beautiful but traffic, terrible ! Disorder is everywhere but after all that’s one reason why travelling in India is charming. You know when you go but you are not sure when you will arrive, even IF you will arrive.

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