Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

This is the most innocent kiss I had ever seen, to be honest most honest and innocent after kiss effect. The boy was excited. Nothing wrong.Age, color no bar.  At that  age these things do not bother, It is only the innocence and purity of heart which is important.  Am I right?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

  1. You’re so right .. sometimes we don’t even need to talk the same language … for a kiss.
    Kids are so much more uncomplicated .. if they want something they just go for it. Maybe we should learn from our kids.

    1. Very true, you hit on the nail. Kids are always pure and innocent and as they grow up, they copy or follow the surroundings and the near dear ones and get polluted. sad but the ultimate truth of life..

      1. You’re so right … so sad that we as adult are so afraid of each other .. and most of all most afraid to make a fool out off ourselves. Kids can play for hours without understand each other languages.

      2. It is because we adults create lot of barriers in the name of nation, culture,and tradition and so on so forth. As they grow up their innocent minds are polluted with false ideas.A sad thing.

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