Childhood Memory.

Sky Blue color  is one of my favorite color right from childhood as you start growing old your liking changes, your maturity grows, sensibilities improve,  you start enjoying other things of  life as well. But there are few things of life which remain with you life long.

Till today whenever I see Sky Blue color, I pay lot of attention. The following pic is one of them. I love the blue  color clouds as well as those white clouds and its reflection in the water. So this one is for my childhood.



10 thoughts on “Childhood Memory.

    1. Yes for sure, as compared to today’s kids, my childhood was much better, I mean less polluted, populated, and yes less overflowing cities. but now a days miss this kind of things a lot. And to find find out such serene and beautiful things you have to go out of city. A sad reality of Indian cities. But Thank you so much for liking the sky blue.,

    1. First of all Thank you so much for your comment. I have no doubts, Brazil is a very beautiful country. Just to add, this photo is taken in Pune India, my hometown. and yes I will wait for your photos and Thank you once again for your kind words.

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