Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I loved all these photos, and  was really excited to see the theme. This is my bouquet…..

190 021 022 024 026 072 073


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

      1. I think we don’t have enough colors in our world .. or maybe we don’t see them clearly enough. That’s why I don’t like black & white or sepia.

      2. I agree with the first part totally, I guess we close ourselves and that is why we do not see the color and in general miss the color of life, may be bit of polluted and regressive mind set, and as far as Black and White is concern sometimes I do enjoy them as it shows the true” Beauty” or” Color” of a person or a thing which is pictured, of course Sharpness of picture is very important in this regard.

      3. I know that all the serious photographers love to work in black and white because they can play with the shades … and contrasts – the thing is I’m not serious enough. *laughter.

    1. Yes sure, I love those colors too, This picture was captured mid of December on Marine Drive Mumbai, and to tell you, it is winter time in India, and it shows various kinds of shades.I have shot this in the evening around 5 or so. But I am being too detailed, but during winter Mumbai shows you some lovely shade. But thank you so much for your lovely words.

      1. Thank you so much Arjun. I appreciate the extra details. One day I will visit beautiful India. I have heard and read so much about it. Bless you dear friend.

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