Shantala, Traditional Indian Infant Massage

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ArjunGabriel our son took his first massage yesterday as my wife Cyntia was really keen on it. As an Indian, these massage techniques are not new to us, as this is common practice for us to give massage to the babies. In my country this is an activity that is part of routine baby care. My mother tells me that as kid my grandmother use to give all her grandsons and granddaughter this kind of massage. I was reading somewhere it is kind of Yoga for the little ones. ArjunGabriel really enjoyed the whole process. And As I said my wife was really keen on this.  As  at present, she is based in Brazil, she did not have access to these massage techniques.

But she found one technique called as ‘Shantala’. This technique was made popular by French doctor called Frederick Leboyer. I guess this was the…

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