I just love this photo

I just love this photo


7 thoughts on “I just love this photo

      1. Here’s one story that comes to mind: The past has left us dry and and barren, but determination to enter into a future filled with pleasant possibilities brings us to the horizon as we stand before that future. We stand at that horizon, look back and look forward – wondering if we can take with us into the future things left behind and try deciding what are those things from the past we want in our future life. Are we also ready to make a clean cut with the past and step into a future that is unknown but our instincts suggest it’s much better than the past. Some of us that ride on horses will come to the decision faster than others; those that procrastinate can be helped along by playing meaningful and strategic games, represented by the football goal post on the horizon. The goal post is like a doorway at which we stand and consider whereto and with or without what from the past. 🙂

      2. This is just amazing, I am overwhelmed so wonderful and sweet of you, you really wrote it. Thank you so very much from bottom of my heart.
        Now I have suggestion you can write a post on this and if you want can use this photo. And I am serious about this.
        This is power of photography, I never knew that,
        It will be wonderful joint venture. Hope you like my idea.
        Thank you so much.

      3. Ok – give me a bit of time and I will, I will though put together a wider story with a twist to go with the theme of my blog – politics around Croatia – yes photos have strong power and, as a psychologist, I know that photos evoke associations and associative thinking that can be quite interesting, personal as well as widespread. Cheers, we’ll connect again. 🙂

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