Empty road.

I love to click empty roads and I also like to walk on such empty roads. It is always calm and quietening.



6 thoughts on “Empty road.

  1. Quiet and calm – Unless it’s an empty road along which DCI Barnaby and DS Jones from Midsommer Murders are hurrying along, somewhere in England, trying to capture the suspect of the 4th or 5th murder within one hour of the show 🙂 !

    1. To be very honest this is a very calm place, this is University of Poona. Pune is my hometown and it is 172 kms away from Mumbai. a wonderful calm location, I have clicked this photo on Sunday early morning after huge amount of rains. { pl do not go by date it is just 10 to 12 years back I was not knowing the adjustments of date year in my camera).
      Thank you.so much.

      1. By now I am very sure you have some imagination. Excellent. I am sure and this is my guess you must be doing some wonderful work back in Croatia. All the very best for that.

      2. Hehehe thanks. I live in Australia actually and it’s from here that I try hard to help in some way at furthering democracy there. Cheers

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