No. 500th follower- a celebration time

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I know 500th follower is just a number for many of us. But it is time for me to  express my gratitude to one and all people who could make it possible. I am aware that what matters is content of a blog and not the number but then one can argue that if there are no contents you will not get the number and if you have the number, that means you have the contents, which is very heartening.

But today is joyous occasion, for me it is happy times that this blog has been followed by pure 500 WordPress followers and it is matter of elation for me. To be very honest when I had initiated this blog back in Nov.2011, I had never thought of any number or even I had never set any goals. It came into existence, just to celebrate birth of my kid ArjunGabriel and of course to share some good memories of my travel life.

ArjunGabriel is growing very fast and is a very active kid. And as a father I hope he takes over this blog I set up in his name, a small dream of a father. But this is a matter of distance future till that time I will have carry forward the work.

When I glance back over past 1 and half years I have been active except for Feb 2012 when Arjun was born.

I am very sure I must have brought some happiness and smile on few faces in past few days just for fraction of second. And I take this opportunity and thank you all and hope you continue to bless me in all coming days and years as well. I am sure many more will join this journey in coming days. And I sincerely hope I will be able to remain active and put some wonderful memories through some photos and some small write-ups.

I also want to thank Cyntia my wife, without her strong support  this would not be possible. This is true for this blog as well as my journey of life. She brought lot many changes in my life in past 1 and half years. So thank you Cyntia you have been always kind and supportive and you gave us biggest gift of our life, our son. And yes lots of hugs and kisses to ArjunGabriel for making this possible.


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