Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea 2

Uba tuba Sao Paulo.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea 2

  1. Wouldn’t mind laying there on stern deck … and I wish I could sail properly. Love the angle .. and the photos is beautiful. Give a feeling of endless freedom.

    1. To be very honest, I was going to try but Cyntia flatly denied because I was without Life guard jacket and I do not know swimming (sad truth) and yes I would have been disaster if I would been there in water. But all these things apart I really enjoyed the ride. tremendous experience of my life. Everything was fresh and clean around including the nature. Thank you so much.

      1. Wow, I have come across quite a few people .. through my blogging that can’t swim. You have to learn .. especially if you have children. And you have the ocean next door.
        Not that diffecult .. can safe your life or somebody elses.
        I wouldn’t have dare to be on a boat if I couldn’t swim.

      2. I was really scared wen we were in the middle of the ocean very scary moment. I was there just because of my wife Cyntia. but enjoyed every bit of it.
        And for sure will try to learn swimming in coming days.

      3. Good for you – and take your son to baby swim too – they learn very quickly and you will never have to worry about him. In Sweden we learn them to swim before they walk.

    1. This boat is owned by friend of ours Vivian and as it was my first travel to Brazil she wanted me to show some surrounding areas and it was quiet cool, saw some wonderful things. We visited one jail where they use to keep some prisoners a secluded area, in old times once you are there no coming back. but now of course the place is amazing. Thank anyways for liking the post.

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