Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

2013 is bringing some new ideas and challenges in our life. It is our endeavor to do Yoga on great scale and immerse our life to the field of Yoga and hope we succeed in this regards.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

    1. Yes you are so right Viveka, this is Cyntia, my betterhlaf, and yes we have some plans about our yoga, once they get concret shape will let everybody know.
      And about you and yoga start doing it and I ma sure you can do it as well. I am waiting for your positive reply.

      1. I thought I recognized her. Some fit lady you have .. and you look fit too. There is no way I could do that .. maybe 20 years ago. Have tried yoga – but I’m not concentrated enough – my mind goes all over the place .. can’t play golf neither for the same reason … I stick with my Zumba.

      2. No ways, I am glad you are dong Zumba, but I can tell you with authority with my my small time experience, that even you can try it. Please try to find IYENGAR YOGA teacher on Google in your area and I am very sure it will change your life for sure.
        And thank a lot, you made my day by some lovely words.

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